Thriller Movies list for crime thriller fans 2023

Thriller movies always have a special position in the film industry, especially if it has an interesting story. So what about watching an exciting crime thriller, action thriller, or mystery thriller? If you are looking forward to watching such movies online, visit aha, and type in Kuttram Kuttrame, Selfie, or Rendagam in the search bar. These three are a few of the newly released Tamil crime movies with unique stories. These thrillers can save your day by getting rid of your boredom.

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Some of the popular thriller movies streaming on aha Tamil in 2023

1.      Kuttram Kuttrame

The cast

Suseenthiran directs this crime thriller with the production company D Company. Kuttram Kuttrame stars Jai as Eeshwaran in the lead role, and the supporting cast includes Bharathiraja, Harish Uthaman, Dhivya Duraisamy, Smruthi Venkat, etc.

The story – highlights

Kuttram Kuttrame – film revolves around a single incident – the death of Eeshwaran’s wife, Kokila. But the investigation leads to a series of people and their acts, which makes it suspenseful for the viewers. The story is filled with twists and suspense, making the film an interesting crime and mystery thriller. Kuttram Kuttrame – the film begins with the death of a girl in the past, then the death of another girl in the present and finally, the film’s main story in between these incidents. This alone creates suspense among the viewers, encouraging them to know what happened. So, are you interested in knowing the real culprit of all those crimes? Watch this full movie on aha online at any time you want.

2.      Selfie

The cast

G V Prakash Kumar as Kanal, Gautham Vasudev Menon as Ravi Varma, and Varsha Bollamma as Madhavi plays the lead roles in this film. The other cast members are Vidya Pradeep, Sangili Murugan, Vagai Chandrasekhar, etc. Everyone has played their roles perfectly, especially G V Prakash Kumar as a college student planning something related to business.

The story

Selfie is an action thriller which revolves around a student, Kanal and an underground college admission racket. Kanal’s father forces him to study engineering and gets him admission to an engineering college by paying the bride through a college admission broker. With a business mind, Kanal plans to become a seat broker and gets involved with seat booking in educational institutions. Unfortunately, he gets into certain troubles while doing such a business because of a powerful admission broker. The rest of the story is about how he solves all those problems effectively.


The primary highlight of this film is its story (theme), which clearly shows the viewers how much college admission processes have evolved. Selfie is an informative film that helps us understand the underground college admission racket and bribery. It shows how people have turned college admission into a business and how it affects ordinary people.

Selfiee Trailer: Akshay Kumar, Emraan Hashmi go crazy in remake of Malayalam film Driving Licence | Bollywood News – India TV

3.      Rendagam

The cast

The action thriller film Rendagam is directed by Fellini T P, starring Kunchacko Boban as Kichu or David and Aravind Swami as Assainar or David. Jackie Shroff, Jins Baskar, Eesha Rebba and Aneesh Gopal are this film’s other main cast members.

The story

Rendagam is a mystery thriller with many twists and suspense that you would never expect. The film starts with a man named Kichu, tasked with revealing some secrets from a gangster who lost his memory. So Kichu becomes friends with that gangster – David. The story continues with some small suspense until the main twist finally arises, which turns the whole story upside down. So are you ready to watch this exciting suspense mystery thriller? The best option available for you is aha OTT.

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